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teonie buchanan - dietitian


An Accredited Practicing Dietitian registered with the Dietitian Association of Australia, Teonie has recently graduated from the University of the Sunshine Coast and embraced emerging evidence in nutritional biochemistry research to apply to her practice.

Teonie is particularly interested in diabetes, weight management, eating disorders, IBS and food intolerances.

Teonie will be gaining ACFED certification in June for application in her practice for the management of eating disorders.

Teonie is married with 4 grown children now. In the past Teonie has been a swimming coach for 17yrs as well as a soccer, hockey, water polo and basketball mum! With hiking Tasmania thrown in for school holiday fun.

 B. HlthSc (Nutr. & Diet) , APD    

Kym connolly - dietitian and diabetes educator


Kym is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian, Nutrition Consultant, Sports Dietitian and Diabetes Educator. With over 10 years experience practicing in private practice Kym has gained a wealth of knowledge from her clients.  Integrating science with nutrition and combining that with knowledge of self, Kym is able to educate clients on the integral part nutrition plays in healing and fuelling the body.  No one knows the effect of food on the body better than the person living inside. With nutritional coaching and the latest evidence based practice Kym is able to individualise food that is best suited to the clients body. 

Kym runs professional health information sessions, education seminars and frequently records topics of interest on podcast Kym offers one on one consultation online and in person. 

 B. HlthSc (Nutr. & Diet) Hons , APD     

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